Tesla Giveaway – Win a Tesla Car at BitStarz

Win a Tesla Model 3 Car at BitStarz Bitcoin Casino this summer

Bitcoin Casino promotions can often appear like they are the same for all Casinos. It is therefore great to see that BitStarz is trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Bitstarz is offering you, their players, the opportunity to drive off in a modern luxury car of the future; a brand new Tesla Model 3, and to take part couldn’t be any simpler.

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The Prize – Tesla or Cash?

BitStarz knows their players, and they know that not all players want the same. Therefore they are giving their players the opportunity to decide whether they want a brand new luxury Tesla Model 3, or the cash alternative at the cost of the car of €45,000. They also know that in some countries delivery of the car can still, even in 2020, be problematic. Therefore the cash alternative of €45,000 makes a lot of sense.

How to Win a Tesla Model 3 at BitStarz

Winning the Tesla Model 3 at BitStarz does not require you to do anything out of the ordinary at all. It is as simple as just playing your favorite Casino games, be that Slots, Table or Live Casino games (BitStarz allows all games to be played towards the raffle) and for every €100 or currency equivalent (the system automatically converts it in realtime if you use any other currency) that you wager, you will get 1 ticket towards the draw. Best of it all, there is no cap on how many tickets you can collect, so the more the merrier, and it is a bonus on top of your usual Casino experience anyways – at no added cost.

Wondering if €100 wager is a lot? It is a fair question and the answer is that it is not at all. Wagering €100 is extremely easy on a Casino. On average every player has a 96.5% return of any bets that they place over time. So if you want to go the safe, but slow route, you can simply find some 5 cent or 10 cent games and place wagers at the lowest spin value and you should be able to achieve that on even a low €10 or €20 balance – in theory multiple times as well!

When does the Tesla Model 3 Giveaway End?

The Tesla Model 3 Giveaway at BitStarz ends on August 11th at 12:00 CEST and they aim to do the draw on the same day that it ends.

Tesla Model 3 Specifications

Tesla Model 3 has a top speed of 162 mph, or as the rest of the world knows it, 260 km/h. In other words, it is a silent beast!

A top speed on its own says almost nothing when not referencing acceleration. And well, it is hard not to get euphoric over their 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration, which only takes the Tesla Model 3 an astonishing 3.2 seconds to accomplish! That might not sound that incredible, but when you compare it to the ever-so-more expensive Lamborghini Aventador that does it in 2.8 seconds, it is absolutely mad!

A real-world test of the acceleration and top-speed of the Tesla Model 3.

Range I hear you thinking? A common concern for people who always drove gasoline cars. To that, I answer, what is the longest you have ever driven? And how often do you do such a long drive? Tesla Model 3 can cover 518 km on a single charge (322miles)! And in the case you need to drive further, not to worry, as superchargers are already in place, that allows Tesla Model 3 to be charged to 50% in just 20 minutes – enough for a quick pitstop to freshen up and get a snack on those long journeys.

Supercharging the Tesla Model 3 is very convenient and fast.

But but but…. We have not even covered the coolest part of the Tesla Model 3 yet. Apart from their awesome Ironman-esque display control of the car, that now even allows you to watch Netflix or play games on it, where Tesla really truly excels is in their self-driving capabilities.

Self-driving is what is so absolutely unique about Tesla, that there are currently no auto-maker that can effectively compete against them with any alternatives. Simply insert where you want to go, and the Tesla Model 3 can take you there.

Don’t have a personal driver? Not to worry. With just a click on the Tesla app, you can summon the car directly to you. It will literally navigate on its way to you on its own!

Hate those tickets/fines (word depending where in the world you are at, these crazy Americans have their own english words for everything, eh!)? Tesla Model 3 has an “answer” for that too:

Ok, so it was published on the 1st of April, which should be a dead giveaway that it is just meant as a joke 😉

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