Bitcoin Casino Review Methodology

My Bitcoin Casino Reviews are objective and designed to add value to you as a Casino Player. When I review a new Bitcoin Casino I look at a number of factors that adds up to a total score for the individual Casino. The methodology applied ensures that the reviews are transparent, objective and comparative between each other.  Naturally, Casinos already reviewed will be continuously reviewed and updated according to any changes that the Bitcoin Casino make.

I look at 6 categories in total, where each Casino can score up to 20 points per category, giving any Casino a max score of 100 – which is translated into a 10-star rating system for simplicity and visibility.

Bitcoin Casino Review Points Summary





Welcome Bonus Offer

The overall value to players on the first deposit and a look into how favorable the bonus terms are to players.

20 Points

Games Selection & Findability

The wider the game selection of the Casino, the better their score will be. Additionally, quality Casino games must be easy for the players to find. This is a must as number of games expand.

20 Points


Cashout Terms & Processing Time

The Terms and Conditions that covers cashouts must be fair and in the players’ best interest. The more favorable the terms are to the players, the better the rating.

20 Points

Win Limitations

The terms and conditions covers win limitations that may be enforced on a player in the event of a big win. A Casino scores maximum points by enforcing no win limitations on their players.

20 Points


Online Reputation & Support

The over-all online track record of the Casino is an important element to ensure a good customer experience. A good online player reputation scores the Casino high points.

10 Points


Uniqueness & Ongoing Promotions

The Casinos that offer their players increased value through promotions will score the best in this category. Additional points is given to Casinos that have something unique about them.

10 Points

Review Methodology Points System Explained

1. Welcome Bonus Offer (20 Points)

I look at what the overall value is to you as a player for their welcome bonus (first deposit bonus) and how favorable the wagering requirements for the bonus is to you as a player. I take into account the trend in the industry, and what the higher-end brackets look like, to form the point system on.
  • Percentage of Bonus Offered: 100% or more = 4 Max Points. 50%-100% = 2 Points. 25%-50% = 1 Points. 0 Point if < 25%.
  • Max Bonus Amount Offered: 1.5 BTC or more = 4 Max Points. 1-1.5 BTC = 2 Points. < 1 BTC = 1 Point. Nothing = 0 Points.
  • Amount of Free Spins Offered: 200 or more = 4 Max Points. 150-200 = 2 Points. 100-150 = 1 Points. < 100 = 0 Points.
  • Deposit Bonus AND Free Spins offered?: Both offered in one deposit = 4 Max Points. If not = 0 points.
  • Wagering Requirements: if 30 or less = 4 Max Points. 2 Points if 30-40. 1 Point = 40-50. 0 Point if < 50.

2. Games Selection & Findability (20 Points)

Importance here is placed on the overall games selection of the Casino and how easy the Casino makes it in finding quality games in general. This is one of the core elements of a Casino, to provide the players with a wide range of quality games, and making it easy to discover good Casino content.

  • Ease of Finding Quality Games: If Casino provides 1) Multiple categories for sorting game type and 2) Have some hot/popular/trending games category and 3) Jackpot games amount is easy to find = 4 points. 2 points if the Casino provides some of these categories. 1 point if the Casino only provides categories on game type. 0 points if the Casino provides no categories other than one generic lobby.
  • Live Casino Offered = 4 points if Live Casino Games are offered. 0 Points if not.
  • Table Games Offered = 4 points if Table Games are offered. If not then 0 Points.
  • Slot Games Selection = 4 points if there are 3000+ Slot Games to choose from. 2 points at 1500+. 1 Point at 500+ and 0 points at 500 or less.
  • Jackpot Games Offered & Amount = 4 points if a $1 million+ Jackpot game is offered regularly. 2 points if $500,000 – $1,000,000. 1 point if $100,000 – $500,000. 0 points if $100,000 or less.

3. Cashout Terms & Processing Time (20 Points)

The Cashout terms and processing times can vary greatly between Casinos. You as a player need to feel confident in your choice, that you can feel safe knowing that your money can be withdrawn and within a reasonable period of time. I also take into account any bonus cashout limitations that there may be, as that may greatly impact your online casino gaming experience, especially as a new player looking to take the welcome bonus.

  • What are the General Cashout Limitations? If no Cashout Limitations = 4 Points. $50,000 or more per month = 2 Points. < $50,000 per month = 0 Points.
  • What are the Bonus Cashout Limitations? No Bonus Cashout Limitations = 4 Points. Within industry standard = 2 Points. Outside industry standard = 0 Points.
  • What’s The Minimum Withdrawal Amount? $20 or less = 4 Points. $20 – $50 = 2 Points. $51 or more = 0 Points.
  • What’s the Wagering Requirements on deposits (without bonus)? If none = 4 Points. If some = 0 Points.
  • Speed of Processing Withdrawals. Within 10 minutes = 4 Points. Within 1 hour = 2 Points. Same day 1 point. < 1 day = 0 Points.

4. Win Limitations (20)

Each Casino has terms and conditions that covers them in the eventuality that a big win is triggered. While the Casino may or may not enforce it, depending on their performance, it is fully within their right to enforce any max win limitation that they may have on their Casino, if it is covered in the Terms and Conditions that you agree to when you open an account with the Casino. To avoid any frustration later down the line, I make it a point to highlight to you what win limitations that there are. Due to its importance to players and your potential Casino experience, it is given a very high importance, hence the points.

  • What are the Win Limitations, if any? No Win Limitations: 10 Points; $1,000,000 = 8 Points; $750,000 = 6 Points; $500,000 = 4 Points; $250,000 = 2 Points; $249,999 or less = 0 points.
  • Win Limitations on Bonuses? = No Win Limitations = Max Points.

5. Online Reputation & Support (10)

A Casinos general online reputation can be very difficult to dissect as a player looking to find a place to play Casino at. Hence a great deal of importance is payed on investigating and discovering the reputation, by gather and evaluating players online experience, through the means of various reliable online resources.

Considerations are paid to the factors:

  • Complaints raised & solved.
  • General Player Ratings.
  • Launch Date: The longer time the Casino has been in operations for, the higher their score.

6. Uniqueness & Ongoing Promotions (10)

Online promotions provides players with additional enhanced value, that extends their playing time and Casino experience. Due to the high level of competition on the market it is expected that there should be a certain level of ongoing promotions and that the very basics are covered: Ongoing loyalty rewards, free spins and deposit bonuses. While it is not necessarily expected for a Casino to have anything unique about them to provide, it is a plus that awards the individual Casino with additional points, that can boost their overall rating.
  • What does the Casino offer that is unique about them?
  • Level of variety of Promotions onsite.
  • Loyalty Rewards program to reward activity?
  • Variety of Promotions offered through ongoing Promotional planning for active players.
  • Does the Casino offer its players any ongoing Free Spins and Reload Bonuses?