About Me

I started Bitcoincasinolord because I felt there was a need for an honest, transparent Bitcoin Casino site, where you not only can find the best bonuses, free spins and other promotions around, but where you can trust that the content that you are being served with, are not driven by monetary gains.

Today, it is very common practise among many Casino Affiliate sites to charge a fee for not only listing a Bitcoin Casino (or traditional casino for that matter) on a site, but in order to give it more prominence (aka. a higher ranking, a better review) that either a fixed fee is paid for it, or a better deal is given. This deal has become standard as a revenue share deal – meaning such sites will receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the players that they refer to the Casino site.

With Bitcoincasinolord I want to get back to basic. I want to ensure that the content listed here is honest, transparent and in no way shape or form “manipulated” or “doctored” due to favourable financial circumstances offered by the individual Casino.

You as a player deserve to feel confident that the content you find online when you seek assistance, is reliable, honest and objective. With Bitcoincasinolord my aim is to produce exactly such content for you. While also using my more than a decade of experiences running some of the biggest online casinos on the market, to give you a run-down of the not only the best Bitcoin Casino sites today, but also to give you the information you need to decide whether that is the right of wrong Casino for you. I will share my knowledge with you, to bring to the front even the most “hidden” part of a Bitcoin Casino operator’s terms and conditions, that I think is important for you in your evaluation.

At the end of the day, I want you to feel reassured, that you can sit back and relax and enjoy your online Bitcoin casino experience, with complete peace of mind.